Alpha Pro Table Tennis Serve Receives

Alpha Pro Table Tennis Serve Receives Training DVD
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Pro Table Tennis Serve Receives DVD: At the beginning of a table tennis point, the server holds all the cards. It is his decision what type of point to play, his choice whether to lead into a topspin rally, whether to play short or long.

The receiver has only a fraction of a second to decipher that strategy, read the spin on the ball, anticipate the placement and formulate a counter strategy.

Those decisions are programmed during years of practice and, at the top level, they are triggered almost automatically by the receiver's observation of the server's movements. For developing players it is important to know what this conditioned response must look like in order to practice effective service returns, which they in turn can engrain in their game over time. In this program, we show over 250 examples performed by some of the best players in the world.

This DVD is a compilation of some of the most popular options for receiving specific serves. They are organized according to the type of service that is to be returned - whether long, short, underspin or topspin, to the forehand or the backhand. For each example, it shows the serve and the receive, and how the point plays out.

Then it repeats the sequence in slow and stop motion, occasionally employing graphics to illustrate the spin, and then it plays the point once more at regular speed. Commentary points out some of the significant factors for each receive.

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