Alpha Pro Table Tennis Serves

Alpha Pro Table Tennis Serves Training DVD
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Level 5.7   
Intermediate (for players up to 1600 USATT)
Instruction 3.0   
Below average
Slow Motion 10.0   
Many helpful slow motion clips
Production Quality 7.0   
Good quality
Overall 8.2 10
Manufacturer Details
  • Underspin
  • Topspin
  • No spin
Pro Table Tennis Serves captures the serves of some of the best players in the world during practice and presents them with a clarity that shows each detail of their movement and reveals the secrets of the contact.

Pro Table Tennis Serves covers serves of all styles, including shakehand, penhold, right-handers, and left-handers, and organizes them into basic categories of underspin, topspin, and no spin; it also notes if the sidespin component is significant. Each serve is presented at full speed, half speed, extra-slow analysis speed with pauses at significant points, and then one more time at regular speed. On some serves, the serve is shown using a super slow motion camera that reveals even more detail of the motion.

Reviews (3)

pingpongwizard  on 1/28/2011

i bought this dvd a few years ago when it first came out. i was very excited when i first got it because i was a beginner and knew nothing about table tennis service. it has many greats like samsonov, waldner, and ovtcharov. also it plays the serve in normal speed, slow speed, and super slow speed. after watching it and getting some formal coaching i have been able to utilize many different serves (especially ovtcharov's tomahawk and backhand serves) the only problems with this dvd is that there is no commentary so unless one knows a lot about serves, it would be hard to deduce all the mechanics involved in the serves. also, many of these players serves can be seen on youtube however not in slow-mo which is why i believe that this particular dvd is great for beginner to intermediate players.
Janzy  on 2/3/2010

As the other reviewer said, this DVD is not really an instructionnal since there is no narration. It's a compilation of serves from professional players. You just watch what the pros do and then take what you like in their technique and try to incorporate it into your game. This DVD is quite useful because it has great slo-mo. High-speed cameras were used, so you get to see what is happening, really slowly, without any blurring. You get to see many subtleties that are simply impossible to see at normal or even half speed. It's a good tool to improve your serves and give you new ideas to add variety to your game, but probably not great if you're a total beginner. There are some extreme close-ups of the contact point with the ball in super slo-mo. I find these totally awesome, but unfortunately, there are few of these close-ups. Still, the "normal" shots are very good. Low points of this DVD ? 1) If you're a penholder, maybe this DVD is less useful for you since the vast majority of the featured players use a shakehand grip. 2) The menus aren't great. The chapters are divided by players or by "topspin, underspin, no spin". If you just want to watch one particular serve, it's a bit hard to find the one you're looking for. Conclusion: Not your typical instuctionnal video, but no doubt something that will help you if you're good at mimicking what others do.
JimC  on 12/12/2009

This is not a typical instruction tape since there is no instruction per say. rather more than 100 serves of top players-including Waldner, Boll, Ma Lin and a Japanese player with a crazy reverse tomahawk serve. The slow motion shots are very good. Dozens of variations on the pendulum and reverse (inside-out) pendulum serves. shown slow enough that my 11 year old could copy some of them (sans the spin of course!!). On another forum someone claimed too many lefties. I didn't find this at all well worth the 24 or so dollars I paid for it and I should note it is useful to just about any level up to say someone who plays at the level of those filmed

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