Donic Techniques, Tactics, Tricks - Volume 2

Donic Techniques, Tactics, Tricks - Volume 2 Training DVD
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Level 5.8   
Intermediate (for players up to 1600 USATT)
Instruction 9.3   
Very detailed and easy to understand!
Slow Motion 9.0   
Many helpful slow motion clips
Production Quality 9.1   
Professional video and lighting quality
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Length 42 mins
Instructors Jan-Ove Waldner, Jorgen Persson, Glenn Osth
  • How to become a table tennis star
  • How to play perfect forehand and backhand loops
  • More...
Techniques, Tactics, Tricks II is a brand-new teaching video with table tennis legends Jan-Ove Waldner and Jörgen Persson and directed by the World Champions’ trainer Glenn Östh. Techniques, Tactics, Tricks I appeared in 1992 and has sold thousands of copies worldwide. Players and coaches have been enthusiastic about its contents! Now, the many-times World and European Champions Jan-Ove Waldner and Jörgen Persson, as well as the former Swedish and German National Trainer Glenn Östh, go one step further.

Reviews (4)

wm7789  on 12/20/2011

instructions are well, was not what i was expecting (helpful but not enough), pingskills has similar info videos (free) plus more (membership)
The_Coach  on 1/10/2011

It has a lot of useful information. You can really study the technique of Persson and Waldner.
atombombed  on 10/2/2009

this is an amazing dvd it has lots of very usefull info thnat will help you i would reccomend this to a highly advanced player
rsaverian  on 2/20/2009

Just check the previous volume before buying this.

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