Dynamic Table Tennis Advanced Training for Table Tennis

Dynamic Table Tennis Advanced Training for Table Tennis Training DVD
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Level 7.5   
Advanced (for players up to 2100 USATT)
Instruction 8.5   
Helpful instruction
Slow Motion 10.0   
Many helpful slow motion clips
Production Quality 5.0   
Average production quality
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Instructors Brian Pace
This training video focuses on adding a higher level of complexity to your existing game. The video consists of five sections. Each section starts out with an advanced concept. It is then followed by five exercises to develop and strengthen that concept. This video will give you a deeper understanding of how to get the most use out of each shot in your game.

The workouts in this training video have been designed to systematically train in a way that elevates every aspect of your game.

Every player wants to have the most advanced arsenal. This video helps you get the most out of having that arsenal. Brian Pace

Brian Pace, the creator of Dynamic Table Tennis, has spent over fifteen years developing his training methods. He is three-time National Collegiate Champion, a top American player, and a USATT-Certified National Coach.

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ersin001  on 12/10/2012

excellent dvd for intermediate and above players. does not involve much technique as you dont need to hear how to hit a topspin at this level but involves a lot of excellent drills and info. Brian Pace has done an excellent job regarding reaching the viewer. i meaan u feel like you are actually on the other end of the table. detailed and comprehensive..

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