Dynamic Table Tennis Brian Pace Textbook Table Tennis

Dynamic Table Tennis Brian Pace Textbook Table Tennis Training DVD
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Level 5.0   
Intermediate (for players up to 1600 USATT)
Instruction 7.0   
Helpful instruction
Slow Motion 7.5   
Helpful slow motion clips
Production Quality 8.0   
Good quality
Overall 7.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Instructors Brian Pace
Released 2009
Dynamic Table Tennis Training Systems is committed to being your ultimate source for improving in the sport of table tennis. We are dedicated to providing you with different types of training products with the goal of you becoming the best table tennis player you can be.This theory is the main theme of the first video, and the backbone of the entire training series. "Dynamic Harmony" is a systematic approach to how to play each shot technically perfect. Each skill discussed uses this theory, and if you implement it correctly, the skill will be the most out of you. Brian Pace, the creator of Dynamic Table Tennis, has taken over 15 years to put his training methods into video. He is 3-Time Collegiate Champions, a top American player, and USATT Certified National Coach. Each training video uses the theme of systematic component-based training to teach the sport of table tennis.Brian has spent the majority of his coaching career implementing "Dynamic Table Tennis Training Systems" to his clients as a covert operation, because he believes in creating credibility one client at a time. Brian has perfected an approach to offering his training methods that appeals to all table tennis enthusiasts looking to improve. I'm a coach for the common man, and if you are looking to improve in table tennis at any level, then there is something here for you.

Reviews (4)

William  on 9/27/2010

Great instructional dvd. Better suited for the intermediate to advanced player. The planning of this dvd was well thought out. Everyone will get better, but only if they choose to do the drills offered. It's a good dvd to watch but a better dvd if you get off your butt and do the work. I also like the fact that Brian didn't try to teach you everything or try to solve all your table tennis problems with one dvd. Good job Brian. I will continue to purchase your products.
joewatch  on 12/10/2009

I wanted to like this video. I watched Brian's videos on youtube before buying this DVD and he is clearly very passionate about table tennis and improving play in the US. But the DVD did not help my technique at all. The "dynamic harmony" theory is a good way to describe 3 important elements of a stroke (position of ball, racket angle, foot position), but there is so much more, such as wrist/forearm snap, weight shift, hip-to arm coordination, etc, etc that is not covered. Also, a few important strokes such as the BH loop are not covered in the DVD. The section on serves describes the different types, but never says how to actually perform these serves.
Kev  on 4/7/2010

It says its a DVD for beginners but its actually not. Shows no technique at all
Joel Mitchell  on 12/3/2009

After review, I found this to be an excellent instructional video. Well scripted. Easily understood even for the Novice player. I highly recvomment this video for the beginners, intermidiate level players.

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