Dynamic Table Tennis Competition Table Tennis Training

Dynamic Table Tennis Competition Table Tennis Training Training DVD
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Level 4.0   
Intermediate (for players up to 1600 USATT)
Instruction 6.0   
Slow Motion 7.0   
Helpful slow motion clips
Production Quality 10.0   
Professional video and lighting quality
Overall 7.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Instructors Brian Pace
Brian Pace (USATT-certified coach) shares the techniques and methodologies that he uses when completing a training cycle for peak performance. This video focuses on the details of training phases with the ultimate goal of producing a peak performance period for a big event.

The workouts in this training video have been designed so you can smoothly transition from one training phase to the next.

This training video focuses on the following:
Taking you through the phase where you are improving your Stroke Production.
Taking you through the phase that builds your Tactical Approach.
Taking you through the phase that builds your Strategic Approach.
"If you learn how to compete, then you have already learned how to win."--Brian Pace

Brian Pace, the creator of Dynamic Table Tennis, has spent over fifteen years developing his training methods. He is three-time National Collegiate Champion, a top American player, and a USATT-Certified National Coach.

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chop  on 1/14/2018

The training system is very good, with a lot of explanation and useful tips.

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