PingSkills Serving Secrets Revealed

PingSkills Serving Secrets Revealed Training DVD
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Level 6.0   
Intermediate (for players up to 1600 USATT)
Instruction 7.3   
Helpful instruction
Slow Motion 7.0   
Helpful slow motion clips
Production Quality 5.0   
Average production quality
Overall 8.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Length 50 minutes
Instructors Alois Rosario (Australian Olympic Coach) & Jeff Plumb (Australian Olympian)
Released 2008
  • Serving Rules
  • Serving with Spin
  • How to Spin
  • Backspin
  • Sidespin
  • Topspin
  • More spin
  • Pendulum Serve
  • Reverse Pendulum Serve
  • Tomahawk Serve
  • Backhand Serve
  • High Toss Serve
  • Advanced Serving
  • Varying the Spin
  • Varying the Speed
  • Varying the Placement
  • Serving Tactics
  • How to Practice
Serving Secrets Revealed

Serving is an essential skill in Table Tennis. So how good are your serving skills? Do you serves help you win points?

Olympian Jeff Plumb and Olympic Coach Alois Rosario present this series of clearly structured lessons to help you develop your skills in serving. Whether you are a backyard player or tournament competitor, this video will give you fascinating insights into some top Table Tennis Serving Secrets.

You can learn to serve like the pros!

Reviews (2)

janzy  on 12/20/2009

Good but not perfect. I bought this DVD after being very dissapointed with the "Service Mastery" DVD from Table Tennis Masters, and I'm glad I did, even tough I think it's a bit pricey for what you get. This DVD does a good job of explaining the basics so that you can develop a solid serve. The information presented is very clear and easy to understand. Every serve variation is shown from many angles, at regular and slow speeds. The coach also "shadows" the technique slowly to help you break down the parts of the serve. They explain very well the mechanics of the spin and how and when you must contact the ball. There are also some helpful tips on how to practice, how to add variety to your serves and how to use them in games. The DVD is not perfect however. The production quality is pretty cheap. It looks like two guys who made a DVD with a cheap camcorder and a 5$ mic from Radio Shack (probably because it is). The editing if poor, and the sound quality is below average. However, even tough the audio sounds cheap, this never made it difficult to understand the instruction. The camera sometimes goes out of focus for half a second, but never at a crucial moment where that would keep you from seeing the technique. The DVD also does not cover the no-spin serve. They do mention that you can use it as a variation, but never really explain how to perform it. I think this is a good DVD for beginners and intermediate players, but I am not certain advanced players would benefit from it as much since it seems more oriented towards low level players. I rated this DVD as 8 because I feel it fills a void in the market (I have seen only 3 services DVD for sale). Otherwise I would score it a 7 because of the production value. The instruction is good, but for almost 40$ (canadian), one would expect something more polished. If you're not sure about buying this DVD, I suggest you check out the free videos on the page. This DVD is exactly like their free videos, only difference is that it's one hour long and it only covers serves.
atombombed  on 12/20/2009

this is a very good dvd i have watched this maNY times and reccomend this to try and gain lots of new serves and this dvd wil, show you the basics also the key technices in serves i reccomend this really for all players because it shows you all of the basics and the top player stuff so this is a dvd i would buy for anyone who is a new palyer to the game ortr who has learned the game for years i can gaurentee that after you use this dvd you will be able to have killer serves in this game and up to certain levels have players who can not return the serve however remember you can aleways make up yyour own serves copy new serves of the top pro players that is the thing with this dvd though it does not show you how to copy pakyer severs and make up your own which i think is a key part of the game i think this because at any standard of the game you will be able to whatch all of the playerts and they will all have there own serves acciording to there styles so if you can make your own serves and be able to change sping rapidly this is a key thing which will ocnfuse players at even a top level akso this dvd does not show you how to diskise spin however this is not a vital key point in serving because this is bnot raelly necceserry however ii would still reccomend this to all players and tyhe cost is cheeap you will learn something of this and w i learend many key points iw ould reccomend this to anyone

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