Table Tennis Master Backhand Loop Mastery

Table Tennis Master Backhand Loop Mastery Training DVD
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Level 5.0   
Intermediate (for players up to 1600 USATT)
Instruction 8.2   
Helpful instruction
Slow Motion 7.7   
Helpful slow motion clips
Production Quality 6.8   
Good quality
Overall 7.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Length 62 mins
Instructors Coach Tao Li
Released October 2009
  • Slow Loop
  • Loop Drive
  • Fast Loop
  • Third- and Fourth- and Fifth-Ball Attack Strategies
  • Counter Loop
  • Sidespin Hook
  • Fade Loop
30-day "No Hassle" Money-Back Guarantee.

Are you ready to unleash devastating backhand loops and destroy your competition?

The backhand loop is the most dynamic and powerful backhand shot in table tennis, and this amazing DVD gives you step-by-step training so you can master it FAST. By following the techniques you will...
  • Master the backhand slow loop, loop drive, and fast loop.
  • Develop the confidence to initiate offense and go for the kill.
  • Discover third, fourth, and fifth ball attacking strategies.
  • Master the backhand counter-loop and sidespin hook and fade loops.
Having a strong forehand attack is simply not enough. Developing a lethal backhand loop will make you much more dangerous player and a greater offensive threat to your opponents. With the Backhand Loop Mastery DVD as your guide you'll have the secrets to master the backhand loop in no time!


Reviews (4)

jrado  on 1/23/2015

Nice video. Wish it had more angled views of the techniques as well as the explanation of errors and how to correct them.
JonathanJ  on 12/18/2010

Two words: Instant Backhand!!! Lol ok not really, but this is a superb instructional tool easy to follow from about 1600 and incredibly useful for up to 2200 probably. If the instruction is taken seriously and you have a solid backhand foundation in block and counterdrive, you will see progress for you loop almost immediately. No joke. Even in the first night, this cleared up several points for me (~1700).
Cedric143Hiedi  on 12/18/2009

please help me to be a master 2 like you please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ppgear  on 10/23/2009

It's a solid learning tool for players under 1900 or so. If you actually watch the DVD over and over again as instructed, and work on the drills given, you should have a solid backhand loop in a few months.

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