Table Tennis Master Table Tennis University Complete Series 2011

Table Tennis Master Table Tennis University Complete Series 2011 Training DVD
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Instructors Coach Tao Li
Released 2011
  • Basics Mastery
  • Forehand Smash
  • Backhand Sidespin/Topspin Serve
  • Service Return
  • Serve and Smash
  • Crossover Footwork
  • Backhand Push
  • Forehand Backspin Serve
  • Forehand Push
  • Forehand Pendulum
  • Backhand Serve
  • Service Return
  • Ball Control
  • Forehand Loop
  • Forehand Loop Kill
  • Forehand Counter Loop
  • Forehand Drive
  • Backhand Block
  • Game Preparation
The ENTIRE year of TTU 2.0 curriculum jam packed onto 12 DVDs. Table Tennis University is a revolutionary online training program that will transform anyone into an elite, well-respected table tennis player as fast as possible. It covers every aspect of the game in extraordinary detail and is full of insider secrets, winning techniques, and advanced strategies that many top level players donât even know.

The TTU DVD Box Set is a valuable collector's item that will look good on any table tennis enthusiast's shelf. The world-class training contained on these 12 DVDs is a complete "training library" that can be referenced anytime. Whether one needs to review a technique or lesson they're having trouble with or one wants to brush up on their skills and game knowledge - this DVD set can be enjoyed for years to come.

The Coach is Coach Tao Li:

About Coach Li
A former professional Chinese player, he trained and competed with some of the best players in China during his era and is a former Chinese national champion and sought after coach. Heâs featured in highly-acclaimed Mastery series DVDs and his coaching has positively impacted thousands of players worldwide.

Coach Tao Li played table tennis professionally for the Heibei Provincial Team in China from 1985-1991 and in 1995, began his career as a table tennis coach at the Beijing Jiaotong University in China.


- Member of the Heibei Provincial Team in China (1985 - 91)
- Gold medalist (U18 Team - 1989) and Silver medalist (U16 Singles & U16
Team - 1988) in the Chinese National Junior Championships
- Head Coach of the Beijing Jiaotong University Table Tennis Program (1995 -
- Bachelor of Physical Education (Beijing University of Physical Education)
- Level 3 NCCP Certified Coach

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