Tibhar Basic Exercises in Table Tennis Training

Tibhar Basic Exercises in Table Tennis Training Training DVD
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Level 4.5   
Intermediate (for players up to 1600 USATT)
Instruction 4.3   
Slow Motion 4.0   
Slow motion clips not long enough
Production Quality 6.0   
Average production quality
Overall 6.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Length 50 minutes
Instructors Radivoj Hudetz, Neven Karkovic, Miran Kondric
Released 2006
  • Basic Stroke Drills with Partner
  • Timing
  • Footwork
Basic Excercises in Table Tennis Training! A 50 minute DVD produced by Tibhar which clearly demonstrates the basic training excercises used in table tennis. An easy to follow DVD made in conjunction with the renowned Professor Hudetz.

Reviews (3)

Khayyal  on 12/29/2010

I take advantage of the DVD a lot. I learned a lot from my mistakes. And become more effective and tactics in the play. And more registration points.
stombombed  on 10/2/2009

tbhis is a very good video i saw a little preview of it it is exxelent it shows you all of the begginer steps on qo ordinartion i would reccomend this for begginers this is a very good dvd it is very good also it is very easy to olisten to
junbei  on 9/27/2008

I got this as a gift a while ago. I wasn't planning to use this for myself, however, I wanted to start coaching someone with beginner skill level. The title says it all. The whole video is comprised of brief clips of partner exercises not designed for a beginner. Though, I found it strange that the exercises taught in the beginning video were for individual hand-eye coordination. Right after it seemed to stem into exercises without going over any stroke form (I guess this is specifically for exercises only). The transition from beginner exercises to stroke pattern exercises I found quite daunting as this is designed for someone with developed technique not for a beginner. The main gripe I had with this DVD is its very bad production as if it were produced in the 80's. They used two kids to demonstrate everything. I would rather see adults play just to compare stroke dimensions. There were no slow motion captures and instructions were vague. The old school music could have just been left out completely. You can definitely develop these drills by yourself and a partner without the DVD.

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