Bernard Bailly
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About Me

When I was a kid in the 80's I always loved Table Tennis as a hobby.
We were (me, my brothers, and friends!) used to play all days long during the weekends in my parent's garage!
I remember that we had a lot of fun and it was really a great time!
Now I'm 40 years old but I still feel like the kid I was before!!! (and of course I still love Table Tennis! Maybe even more than before!)
So I bought a decent Tennis Table and I first started to play with friends just to have fun at home...
But I enjoyed it so much and I started to play more and more and after a few months I decided to start to play in a club.
So I started to play in this Table Tennis club in september 2017 and I played my first competition match in January 2018...
Less than 6 months later I got my first rank...
Now I still love to play and I feel great and I just want to go on and get beter and beter just to know the best ranking I can get...
And If I could go back in time I would have begun Table Tennis as a sport much more earlier!

Playing Style

I'm an agressive ALLROUND + to OFFENSIVE - (polyvalent) player.
As a developing 2 wings looper/blocker I love to perform a big variation of speed & effects (but still with much control!) in my playing style. I love to play from close to far from the table as well.