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About Me

attorney by trade, I coach archery, pistol and squash as well. I retired from skeet after attending several olympic trials, world championships etc. One of my archery students just won the national championships, another is on the world junior team and a third is the WCSA world junior and senior target crossbow champion.

Playing Style

all around player. Emphasis on backhand topspin and flat hitting (twiddles racket) Great strokes, lousy footwork (what do you expect from a big 52 year old guy with arthritic knees?). decent chopper. I played alot of hard bat at one time and won a few hardbat tournaments. I played #1 singles for Yale for three years and then went to Cornell for grad and law school where I was part of a very strong team there where I won a bunch of doubles titles with John Richards. I was one of the top players in Cincinnati from the late 70s to late 90s. I got back into the sport to train my son and some of his school friends. I am a certified coach since 1978

Now that the Cincinnati TT club has a Saturday session I am back playing again with the club along with my son who is showing some promise as a 13 year old

I prefer doubles to singles and I am a far stronger doubles player. I won our city doubles championships several times and with an 1800 58 year old guy made it to the finals of the state doubles beating three teams of 4300 or better combined ratings. I also won our city and state mixed doubles. at Cornell, I won an ACUI doubles title.