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About Me

I have been playing competitively for 6 years. Completed my first tournament in 2010, leaving with a 1440 rating. Entered another 1-star tournament that year, coming out with a 1st place trophy in men's B class. In 2012, I entered a 2-star tournament, did really well during round robin play and placed in a bracket higher than I felt comfortable with. At this point I am a 400 point underdog to those in my group. I ended up taking a few matches off of higher rated players and made it to the semi-final. Played against a member of my club (high 1800s) and lost 3-1. He ended up winning the final and I gained 340 points. Most recently, I entered a local tournament after a 4-year leave from competitive play. I placed in the middle in the round robin and did not place in the A-group. I found out later that there was a scoring discrepancy during the round robin that prevented me from advancing (3-way tie, which was in error as I had beaten both of the players who I was supposedly tied with). Luckily that was cleared up before I left so I didn't lose any rating points. Though I do feel sorry for the guys in the B-group, especially the runner up. Had I been placed correctly, he would have won first place in his first tournament. I still train 2-3 times per week, though haven't entered any tournaments due to career obligations.

Playing Style

I'd describe my style as all-round offensive. I prefer to start the play with a pendulum serve or a top-side flick. Second shot (depending on placement) would be either a spinny opening loop or a wide angled counter hit. My follow up shots are usually high throw, high spin controlled loops using 50-60% strength varying location to keep my opponent moving. I'll throw in a loop drive down the sideline when the opponent is out of position to end the point. I've been known to come in for a drop shop from time to time.

Tournament Victories

Category: Men's B Class
Tournament: Newgy and Wang Open
October 2016
Category: Men's B Class
Tournament: CCPC Benefit
September 2010