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About Me

Hey guys,
my name is Niklas ans I was born in Krefeld (Duesseldorf, Germany) on the 9th November 1992. I'm student at grammar school (grade 11).
I play table tennis (my favorite hobby) since I'm thirteen in DJK Teutonia St.Toenis.
My favorite soccer club is KFC Uerdingen, which plays in the 6th highest soccer league in Germany.
I also play chess, poker and skat with my friends (I greet them with this sentence, I wrote with lots of love xD).
I'm very interested in webdesign (please take a look on my homepage, thanks). I'm able to administrate webprojects with HTML, PHP and CSS.
Makin' videos with a video editing program (MAGIX) is a hobby of mine, too, but still I haven't got a camera:-(
I hear music very often (Rock/Pop).
Visit my website: //German

Playing Style

modern defence