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About Me

I'm a 16-year old who enjoys playing, watching, and learning table tennis. I also like watching the Chinese National Team. However, since I'm only 16, my knowledge of the game isn't as vast as other users', so some people may disagree with my reviews.

Playing Style

Two-winged looping attack with quick drives, counters, and blocks. Closer to table. Similar to Zhang Jike.

Tournament Victories

Category: Middle School Open; Single Elimination
Tournament: Stiga Big Whack Tournament
May 2014
Notes: Tournament had a round robin preliminary round; entered as 1st seed. Blade: Kasumi Basic (FL); Forehand: DHS Skyline 3 NEO (2.15); Backhand: Butterfly Tenergy 64-FX (1.9)
Category: Open; Double Elimination Singles Tournament
Tournament: EPCC Thanksgiving Tournament
November 2013
Notes: Blade: Kasumi Basic (FL); Forehand: Tibhar Grip-S Europe (1.8); Backhand: Butterfly Tenergy 05 (2.1)