Kenny Yang
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About Me

Inspired by Anna Bessonova (rhythmic gymnastic) and the 2017 Sharapova (Tennis) return, started tournaments 2018 Feb.

Playing Style

APE Evolving into COOL KID! Got some help from watching Hugo Calderano, Ma Long, Tomokazu Harimoto, Ding Ning, and some Romanian players. But also forever hanging around devils coaching me this coaching me that.

Although initially I feel disadvantaged but now I really appreciate entering this sport from ignorance in 2017 (although without a devil is much preferable), and love the journey of self cultivation, to truly benefit from the development of fighting mentality and liberate physical exercises, through every bit of experiences playing opponents ranging from cunning amateurs to bored professionals (although without a devil is much preferable). But whenever I crush down from psycho social part of the games, I am still - me! I am not Joan of Arc!

Thanks to Sharapovas book UNSTOPPABLE. This really beats all the pseudo cultural false promises of techniques to edge over people, and tactics and strategies of beating opponents claiming scientific now, claiming religious in the past. For me truth is better than contemporary science, better than experiences (Sharapovas UNSTOPPABLE), better than rationales (all those prestigious literature and DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE ), better than guess, better than bias (lots who think they are - THE Chinese, last time chop is better than people, and than now loop is better than people, but who is going to play 20 meters away from table to check friction vs impact, and who knows chop is exactly - baby killer! and exactly when rhythmic gymnastic can add table tennis for fun to realize loop is - famine! ...... when do we not fear the colonial dragon!?), better than lie. I am learning to love and take all, when I am strong .... but often I am still - me! I am not Joan of Arc!

Having no skill or no knowledge and going through tournaments allow self development, with better self reflection, tournaments is the best coaching, for full development. Where as showing skill in tournaments as honour is not my path. With regarding to skills, i see that even monkeys beat human at adaptive handling of plastic and rubbers under psychological threats and conditioning, human then argue about human rights with good and evil intention, the problem is even with the best knowledge of hadling plastic and rubbers, we still fall to dislike each of our characters. But with freedom to fight for individual idea of love all the way, all will be fair, and I already won. I know I can have all the positive outcomes from this journey. Speed, agility, dexterity, bravery, beauty, and Christ, and to keep this fortitude ...... knowing I am still - me! I am not Joan of Arc!

I cannot men the greatest gift ... not yet ...... but God lives forever and ever.