JOOLA Eagle Fast

JOOLA Eagle Fast Blade
Approx. $ 70 USD
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User Ratings (13)

Speed 8.3
Control 8.8
Stiffness 5.5   
Hardness 5.8   
Consistency 9.3   
Always identical
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 90 / 100
Control 85 / 100
Weight 72g
Plies 5
Materials Veneer Fineline Red, Sapele, Balsa
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The EAGLE FAST, a low-budget balsa blade. The high quality manufactured offensive blade weighs only 70 grams. One should not philosophise too long about the special playing features - you have to experience it for yourself. And with this JOOLA novelty the perfect blade for offensive players.


Reviews (6)

RaulS  10 months ago

After using this blade and my friends and now changing to the Tibhar Somsonov Stratus CB. i can say it's slow, of course you can get speed out of it, its a balsa blade, at touch shots it will be soft and spiny and at smash shots it will be stiff and quick. at the combinations of the two end its where you will require a lot of feeling and perhaps luck to to the proper stroke, so as a begginer blade. nha, also because the "5" ply blade uses Fine-line wood at the outer later makes it more unpredictable. (wood layout is Fineline-Sapele-Balsa-Sapele-Fineline . for more layouts check TT Blades database on google)
Shaw365  on 9/11/2018

This was my first move into using balsa. I did so thinking it would help me power up more and have more venom in my shots. The reality is, it did just that. With this bat, I've blown some players off the table and my power went up drastically. But with that, I lost a lot of the core elements of my game. I went from having a good touch game and strong blocking to losing all of that. Touch, in particular, completely went, everything was very long, the ball doesn't stay low. Even the most delicate of touches would end up being long enough for the other player to get in off. I've had to completely change my game. Blocking is hard too. There's not a lot of dwell time and it's very springy. My blocks always end up going long, even though it doesn't feel like they should do. In terms of spin, fantastic. Especially with serves. Regarding looping, if you strike the ball well, the ball with absolutely fly, but there's not much room for error, I've found the sweet spot to be small. Overall, I think for the right player, it would be a fantastic blade. If an offensive player was looking for something with a bit more spark, then I would recommend. But for players who base their game on control and placement, don't be tempted into moving down this road to boost your power, it's probably not for you.
martinwyatt  on 1/2/2018

Very thick blade with good speed. Found to be very inconsistent, I was using cheap Chinese rubbers (729 FX) so this could be the issue.
pitigoi  on 6/21/2015

Thick. Have not used its rubber on other blades, so can't compare well its speed or control, except for: rather flimsy with direct hits or blocking direct hits, the "how did the ball go that way?" feeling came to me about one in three such shots. Now I learned to use more topspin and get fewer of such weird shots; still the sweet spot is rather small and instead of perfecting my technique I took the shortcut (not having enough time) of nano-technology or carbon-reinforced blades.
rreddy  on 5/4/2013

Personally I prefer carbon blades but for a wood blade this was very fast, probably due to the balsa. When you loop it is atomic and has great spring off counters and blocks, almost too much spring. Of course it is still all wood so good control. Absolutely cracking speed. Honestly, it feels as fast as my ZJK. Highly recommended to players who prefer wood blades.

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