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Speed 9.7
Control 9.0
Stiffness 6.0   
Hardness 6.6   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.3   
Always identical
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 99 / 100
Control 87 / 100
Weight 80g
Materials Koto and Balsa wood
There are 5 users using the JOOLA MC1.
The JOOLA MC 1 makes you forget all speed data known so far. Our new MCS° - MULTI COMPOUND SYSTEM makes the blade so fast that we had to make it a new classification: OFF.

MCS-System: 3 mm thick Koto and 6mm Balsa layers of various widths are block glued and afterwards cut accross for an unbelievable stabilizing middle layer.

This MCS-System does not only make the blade fast but also clearly increases flexibility. The excellent result of the JOOLA MC 1 is the feeling of unbelievable speed with control.

Reviews (17)

reef  on 11/26/2017

You must be smart, patient and have a good technique to control the power of this blade. need some time to get used to it. great speed and ability to spin the ball. exelent block. flat punches are flying like bullets. good feel and dwell. i love it
Davey1  on 1/5/2016

This blade is super fast. It is thick which I like. I take it that its ,"chunkyness", is one of the reasons it has good control for a- fast plus blade. It does not forego defensive qualities such as ,"push shots and return of serve", for absolute pace. It is relatively light and even though not a ,"beginners blade", has to great qualities. Its a winner.
illumind  on 12/21/2015

Great if you like balsa feel and want something fast and light. Just as others have said! Wouldn't recommend for a beginner or someone starting out either.
Aturion  on 5/9/2012

I have one with anatomic handle, got mine new in France one month ago for 28¬ Pros : -Fast Blade ! -Quite Big surface -Big and fat handle !!! this is very important for me, I have big hands and most of the blades have tiny little handles -Let you "feel" the ball good dwell time Cons : -Edgy (I got around this by sanding the edges) -Thick (you may or may not like)
Majk  on 3/24/2012

so fast...controlable...awesome blade which I have been using for about 5 need to practise often otherwise it could be too fast...a bit hard to counterspin, perfect for attack blocks

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