Air Scirocco SF

Air Scirocco SF Rubber
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User Ratings (7)

Speed 8.2
Spin 8.3
Control 8.1
Tackiness 3.7   
Medium tacky
Weight 4.6   
Sponge Hardness 5.3   
Gears 5.7   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 4.6   
Consistency 8.0
Durability 8.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 17 / 20
Spin 19 / 20
Control 18 / 20
Tensor No
Anti No
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This is the Air Scirocco (Inverted Rubber) table tennis inverted rubber, a new innovation from Air.

Air is proud to introduce its premier rubber, the Scirocco. The Scirocco comes in three versions: SN, SR and SF.

SN, SR and SF use Bios Green technology, featuring an incredible new sponge that maintains its speed with all glues, even the water-based VOC-free glue.

The SF is a not only spin rubber but also a speed rubber. But SN and SR are much faster than the SF model. Both are very bouncy and give a tremendous catapult effect. They are excellent for top spinning, looping, and counter looping.

Scirocco SF

SF is for leading players who demand ultimate spin and speed combined with a sensitive touch. The SF version offers a soft sponge, createing a truly sensational touch and feel for the player. It gives crisp clear sound on striking the ball for maximum feedback.

Sponge hardnesses: 33°, 37°, 39°, 41°, 43°, 45°

Reviews (5)

Amilcar  8 months ago

Scirocco a new rubber from Air TT. a small Chinese Co. with interesting technology(German).I use it on a Clipper CR non WRB.It got good spin ,speed & also catapult.IMO this rubber should be used on Of/Of+ blade to be effective.I have used air Illumina for years so I am familiar with Air rubbers and recommended it.I believe in US only ColesTT carry their rubbers and alsoblades.
vanjr  on 11/8/2018

This is a review for the summer/fall 2018 version of Scirocco and UL, not the 3 listed versions at the time of this post (SF, SN, SR). This is a mild to at most moderately tacky hybrid rubber. I have used it in the 45 degree red (Coles now lists this as 42 degree-but overall it feels harder than other 42 degree sponge/top sheet combinations). This is a solid rubber that does most things well. It seems significantly faster than other chinese rubbers-but I do not boost and that may change things. In fact a little more dynamic sponge would be nice. It is not a super easy rubber to loop. I have to hit with it regularly or I have a hard time controlling it. I will have occasional topspin shots fly off the table if my technique is poor. I feel it is significantly faster than assasinS. I would recommend this rubber to someone who plays regularly and wants a firmer feeling rubber. When I rip a 3rd ball at the table it definitely has power. I find it works well on my FH, but is too hard for my BH.
Gloriana72  on 4/6/2014

Nice rubber for offensive players. However, the top spin performance has poor quality. For me, this is the only negative point of this rubber. I have it for 6 months now.
Newbie  on 3/10/2013

Really nice spin for serves and loops, feel for the ball and overall control are excellent. Way better than Mark V or Sriver. It works well for either FH or BH.
mmerkel  on 4/16/2010

Played with it one practice session. Not overly impressed so far, spin is OK, speed is OK, control pretty good. Clicks quite loud. Heavier than my last two rubbers IQUL 35 and then Nexy Demian. So far I liked the IQUL 35 the best of the three. I liked the control of the Nexy, but was looking for more gears and more spin on serves and pushes. UPDATE: After one more practice session I have to change my review a bit. It seems that the rubber is getting faster, although I am still looking for more spin from this rubber that is classified as the 'spin' version. There seems to be a spot between hitting and looping where I get a large catapult effect that puts the ball about a foot past the end of the table. This rubber plays so much better on the Donic Dicon. I think this rubber needs a fairly hard blade to get the sponge working right. It worked so much better lifting backspin on my backhand loops. I can now really feel the catapult of sponge pick up at medium speed.

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