Andro Rasanter R53

Andro Rasanter R53 Rubber
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User Ratings (19)

Speed 9.4
Spin 9.5
Control 9.0
Tackiness 0.9   
Completely non-tacky
Weight 8.1   
Sponge Hardness 9.2   
Gears 9.5   
Many gears
Throw Angle 6.6   
Medium high
Consistency 9.2
Durability 9.5   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 130 / 127
Spin 126 / 127
Control 125 / 127
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 6 users using the Andro Rasanter R53.
Your game is powered by maximum spin and high dynamics. You want the point. By all means.
Break with conventions, use the strengths of the andro ENERGY CELL technology: more power with hard topspins and game openings on backspin, high dynamics and longer ball contact time to be felt.
The andro ENERGY CELL sponge with highly elastic cell structure ensures an extremely dynamic energy transfer, especially for fast and hard topspins.
The 53 ° sponge provides immediate feedback on ideal ball contact. You will be surprised how soft 53 ° can feel like.
The R rubber surface for maximum rotation gains additively more impact through the ENERGY CELL sponge.

Reviews (8)

tomigaya  9 months ago

Viscaria + R53 2.0 black ; weight 51g. Not boosted. Viscaria has koto outer plies and TMHO, R53 does not pair so well with this blade. Speed is quite slow, spin is as good as T05, control is good. I feel that Viscaria is pairing better with T05 2.1mm or D05 2.1mm or sponge hardness up to 40/50 (Asia/EU scale). R53 feeling is similar to Cornilleau X51. Both do not feel very hard, and both rubbers are very heavy. T05Hard 1.9mm (hardness 56) is around 49g with similar spin than R53, but faster. Throw angle of T05Hard > R53, and I had better success rate on counter spin using R53. I think that R53 will better match a softer outer plies blade, like limba or Hinoki. On Viscaria, the combinaison hard outer plies / hard rubber (not boosted) is not working well for 2.0mm. Maybe ultramax thickness will improve, but the weight will be more than 51g ... too heavy !
OlaBonga  9 months ago

R53 - THE BEST RASANTER EVER! The advert is not a lie. I was stunned. Didnt feel at all that i was playing with a 53 degree sponge. Spin is the same as on R47. Like, top ten (MX-S, G1, R47, P7, T05 and so on. Now to resume my half-distance low spinnyashell, just above net-drives. When do spinny sideservice, (i do it sometimes)take a small step back (because of the speed) and really sidespin the hell out of the rubber, like an aggresive axemurderer in a horror-movie and let the opposite side tell you what just happened...
guybrush123  8 months ago

This i thought was going to be unplayable, me sometimes going down to 1.7 mm from an R74 or MX-P. But it isnt! Its kind of softness in te oberfläsche makes compensation from the hard sponge. All is good. And i mean all!
ganeshtripathi  8 months ago

Just Released in India. I dont know how to describe this very unusual Rubber. The first few shots are a breeze. But when it comes to Fast Topspin this rubber is a ultimately the best compared to all Spinny rubbers i have Tried. It will take time to break in but trust i was baffled at the hardness of it 53??? Feels nothing like 53 when compared to The the R50. Andro has undoubtedly levelled up. This can be a game changer. Looking forward to test more .
Linnea98  3 months ago

Very nice with so thick sponge and soft topsheet. Likes the ones i like G1 C1 P7 , Rakza 7 and so on. It doesnt feel that fast as i had thought. Its on my top 5 wishlist to forehand now! This is of course VERY importing in this case that there is a huge difference since it is available in 1.7 or max. There are miles between them. They should have two different review-sides for this one.

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