Avalox Pronte

Avalox Pronte Rubber
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Speed 7.8
Spin 8.4
Control 9.1
Tackiness 3.5   
Medium tacky
Weight 4.0   
Sponge Hardness 1.0   
Gears 7.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 6.0   
Medium high
Consistency 10.0
Durability 10.0   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0
Spin 10
Tensor No
Anti No
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Reviews (3)

mmerkel  on 4/16/2010

Initially I thought this rubber (soft sponge version) had good spin, but it is seriously lacking in top end spin. Opening loops are easy enough, but once you add some speed the spin goes away almost completely. My partner had no problems blocking and I was ripping my arm out to get some spin into the ball. When I switched to my fh rubber (Palio Macro Era), the speed and the spin was instantly there. If you are a player that likes control on the bh and does not loop very much on the bh, this might be the rubber for you. In flat hitting the rubber is OK, but nothing special.
JimC  on 12/25/2009

I got this as a substitute for the stuff I had originally ordered on a bat from TTP in Canada. The ratings appeared similar to the out of stock sheet. I am rather pleased with this rubber. When I can discuss durability I will but it seems to be easy to control and the loops contain the same energy I get from some of the more expensive stuff I used to glue up (Coppa for example) appears to be a good solid all around attacking rubber and I plan to get more.
Tim  on 8/18/2009

I fell in love with this rubber the first time I played with it for it's control. In the short game, however, the speed isn't sacrificed, it has some pop when the opportunity arises to drive the ball. Good all around rubber that seems to last without much drop off in performance. I recommend it to all intermediate players.

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