DHS Hurricane 2 (No. 19 Sponge)

DHS Hurricane 2 (No. 19 Sponge) Rubber
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User Ratings (10)

Speed 8.7
Spin 9.0
Control 8.7
Tackiness 6.9   
Weight 5.3   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 5.3   
Gears 6.3   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.8   
Medium high
Consistency 6.4
Durability 7.9   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 12 / 12
Spin 12 / 12
Control 10 / 12
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 1 users using the DHS Hurricane 2 (No. 19 Sponge).
The new rubber specially designed for Wang Liqin, Yan sen in 2000 Olympic Games, can create much higher speed and spin than any other products while keeping stable control. In addition, it has a strong near-table offensive power for making ball fly in low arc as to frustrate the opponent's defense.

No. 19 sponge, which adopts EX-technology, will strengthen speed, spin and control performance completely associating with DHS No. 15 glue and INTENSIFIER.

Reviews (6)

outlaw  on 3/20/2014

nice rubber but mine it had a very bad glue job,the rubber peals with ease from the sponge
topAttack  on 4/19/2013

I found the H3 Neo to be too stiff and hard for my forehand, especially for brush loop, flicks or any other hits that require touch. This one is the solution, a lot softer in comparison, a bit higher throw but tack is very nice, i think same top-sheet as neo. The sponge feels softer and more european, but a lot more controllable. The only thing i miss is the low arc of the H3 Neo's top spin. But this rubber has exactly the same great speed of Hurricane 3 Neo, and at high speed the loud splash sound indicates you just hit a higher speed level. Great rubber. Update: the throw is actually lower than the h3 neo making it a vey nice medium rubber. Update: i don't think it is as good as the new tensors. I just think it's the best non-tensor forehand sponge for recreational player. If you want to upgrade your game though, try a tensor.
bmasterr  on 11/25/2012

This rubber feels like dhs tg3 but the tackiness stay longer
Anonymous  on 12/5/2011

had to change the stroke but control and spin is worth
Anonymous  on 9/28/2011

A versatile rubber in 2.2mm for the Chinese style forehand drive/loop. I was helped by an online comment regarding the throw angle and I repeat the person's insight here (thanks) so others may find it helpful: there is a horizontal drive mode where the throw is low and you can make the ball zip across, just over the net. There is a more vertical brush mode which you can use to create high arc with lots of spin. Within these two parameters, I can make so many variations. Being passive with this rubber is to court disaster! Play decisive and reap the rewards!

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