GKI Euro Spintech

GKI Euro Spintech Rubber
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User Ratings (7)

Speed 8.0
Spin 8.4
Control 8.3
Tackiness 2.5   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.0   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 4.7   
Gears 5.2   
Throw Angle 5.6   
Medium high
Consistency 8.0
Durability 6.5   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 99
Spin 97
Control 99
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 3 users using the GKI Euro Spintech.
New generation Tensor Rubber gives high lift & tremendous spin to the ball. This is a suitable weapon for those professional players who need extra control for back hand top spin & chop.

Reviews (7)

inferno  on 7/2/2015

Well i found it good for chopping but i guess it dosent have that much of a offensive end an average rubber
sharma_loveleen  on 4/7/2012

It is a good rubber for attack and spin. It does wonders if used with a hard blade as u get amazing speed when hitting hard and good spin off the rubber. It is good for backhand as well as forehand.
anjan  on 7/23/2010

this rubber is mainly for crisp backhand shots.I put it on tbs with joola x glue.good speed retaining good control.good for bh opening.very good for bh block.little bit bouncy so not that good for short pushing game. very good rubber for develop your bh.after six month you would see the change in your approach to your bh and will be able to use faster rubbers with ease.
Anonymous  on 11/23/2009

I cant rate this but it worked wonders with regular STIGA Allround blade on the forehand. Lot of spin and brush loops will curve and be on the table, at times when I thought they were going out of the table. I have ued a non VOC glue. There is considerable speed for counter attacks with the directional control required. More time with this will speak about its durability.
ujjvalverma  on 12/26/2016

Update: I find this rubber less durable and is character changes. This has become very inconsistent over 3 months time. I feel this sheet is fine for club play. Received the rubber last night and glued on my DHS PG9 Off++ wooden blade. Initial impressions... First it's a tensor rubber. Black rubber... harder than Mark V but softer than MXP. Top sheet is tightly glued to its sponge. Sponge is non porous, Easy to cut too. I used speed glue and top sheet curved in 2 quotes... needed to press down rubber on blade to affix nicely. Actually I bought it to boycott chinese products... but I am happy its much better than 729 Focus III snipe. This rubber is AWESOME and really good for various shots .... close to net or on-the-table offensive play ... (good for looping + smashes + carries spin + nice speed). Its alive at mid distance too (2-3 feet from table)... I do not play much away from the table. Finally I am using it on BH (I can be played on FH too... medium sponge with hard top sheet allows for needed spin). About control... its good and I enjoyed it, allows some dwell though its not tacky at all. Downside..I received MAX version (should be about 2.3 mm) and weighs 50gms cut without glue. for non ITTF tourneys or club level).

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