Haifu White Shark II (2) (Tuned)

Haifu White Shark II (2) (Tuned) Rubber
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User Ratings (13)

Speed 8.7
Spin 8.1
Control 8.5
Tackiness 2.2   
Slightly tacky
Weight 3.7   
Sponge Hardness 2.8   
Medium soft
Gears 6.8   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 3.5   
Consistency 7.5
Durability 5.5   
Average durability
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
Korean player DANG Ye Seo is using this rubber.

Reviews (9)

Amigo  on 4/23/2014

Review for Shark 2 (yellow sponge) hard @ max, tuned. Disclaimer: One of the rubbers I found very different than DB numbers so please understand that I do respect others who wrote about this rubber. After all we all write about our personal experience with the rubbers which may differ from person to person. Physical: Sheet I got was on a yellow, sort of a harder sponge (DHS 38 Neo would be my hardness guess). Top sheet is thin with slender and tall pips. It looks a lot like Xiom Sigma Euro 2 top sheet, but it is a bit harder. It was grippy and it was not tacky at all. There was a very thick layer of glue on the sponge with some plastic protection over it. Spin: I was very pleased with rubbers spin on and off the table. It felt comfortable for slow spinney loops as well as hard and fast loops. Rubber was not lacking spin even from 3m away on BH hard loops, which are usually a bit risky at my level but those hits happen. Flicks felt wicked since the feel was very direct and kick off the table was very pronounced. All in all, in my opinion this rubber delivers top performance spin wise. Speed: Surprisingly automatic for a China rubber. On blocks it felt almost like tensor of a newer generation and that was something I had to keep in mind since I normally play H2 Neo on BH. Since sponge was sort of hard I was not able to bottom out this rubber (not even close to it). Harder sponge really helps with speed so if I would buy this again I would buy hard version again. Looping (BH) from 2 m away was bliz fast and I believe that if you have better technique then I do you should not have any problems even from 4m or so. Control, throw, other¦: Medium throw angle with medium high control. Recommendation: Rubber is not physically demanding like DHS. Lesser experienced players may even play this one on FH if they feel it compliments their game. Enjoy TT and other joys of life ï.
KrzyDyr  on 12/12/2010

It's absolutely the best rubber from Haifu, not only for me :)
ttmad  on 11/19/2009

What a Rubber!, High levels of spin and speed. Good control & Lighter weight than Tenergy. Pushing is good, Off the bounce loops good, Loops from distance good. Brush loops ok. Works superby as a backhand Rubber, however I find it a little too soft for the forehand.
anomaly  on 6/17/2018

Played this rubber for years on and off. Definitely a favorite and sad to see that it has stopped being produced. Prefer this to the harder sponge Haifu Blue Whale II.
sipokoyto  on 12/5/2017

Probably one of the best rubbers that I used. I prefer it over tenergy64 and it fit my chinese style of play. Currently glued to an old Friendship all wood blade (very heavy ). The final weight is on the extreme heavy side. The throw angle is very low thus making my long arc swing more easy and natural. The speed is phenomenal. Highly recommended.

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