KTL (LKT) Pro XT Rubber
Approx. $ 14 USD
Price $

User Ratings (36)

Speed 7.4
Spin 8.6
Control 8.7
Tackiness 6.9   
Weight 2.2   
Sponge Hardness 2.5   
Medium soft
Gears 5.6   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.9   
Medium high
Consistency 7.9
Durability 6.1   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 12
Spin 12 / 12
Control 12 / 12
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 9 users using the KTL (LKT) Pro XT.
- Next generation of rubber formulation
- Engineered for tackiness
- Thin top sheet with unique rubber pip structure
- Fitted for over the table loop
- Deadly serve to attack transition.
- Special XT sponge designed to enhance performance.

PRO XT utilizes tackiness with modern elasticity. A thin. tacky top sheet with a specially designed under pip structure generates a shocking quantity of spin with the most compact stroke. PRO XT is an excellent weapon for the 3rd ball attack as well as the compact loop.

Reviews (22)

tiburd  on 6/9/2013

Not bad for the price. Lower throw and slightly lower speed than Palio CJ8000; so keeps more drives on the table but also nets more balls. My experience with the 2.0mm, using Bfy Free Chack on a Sanwei M8 blade, is that the throw is medium low, not medium high. Spin is different than Palio; can vary the spin well, and sometimes produce nice kick off the table, but less consistent than Palio. Sponge feels dead on touch shots and close loops; combined with the low throw, forces me to think harder on loops than Palio, which loops on autopilot. Weighs 54g uncut (red and black each). Creates different problems for opponent than Palio; not sure which is harder to play against. I might prefer the 2.2mm to the 2.0mm.
JOW  on 11/22/2012

Just had to test this rubber. Ridicolus price (8$ at ttnpp.com). Didnt have much expectations on the rubber, but damn i was surprised the first time i used it. Straight ot of the package it was tacky, but after just an hour of play it was almost gone, wich i liked. It behaves like a euro allround rubber prerfect for the player who doesnt play the fastest table tennis. Serves: Due to soft sponge it is really spinny on serves eaven without tackiness. The topsheet feels grippy and not tacky. Good control on length. Chops: Very good. Good control and a hard bite wich is hard to loop back Loops: Spinny, however slow. Needs to be struck really hard or you are gonna get counterlooped. Good kick wich can trick some opponents. Drives/smashes: Not the best. Lacks the speed. Overall: Great allround rubber at a very good price. For the pure offensive player it is to slow, but for a player not wanting the highest speed, or for a player who is learning the offensive play this is a very good and cheap rubber!
aliabdul  on 5/6/2018

kontrol yang bagus dari karet murah meriah ini .. tidak rugi untuk harga yang hanya 100 ribu rupiah
Zab  on 3/2/2018

Haven't played with this rubber long, but this is what I have noticed thus far. This is a good rubber for the price, it has decent spin and control but not a lot of speed (which can be good for new players). It might be a decent rubber for a newer player who doesn't want to spend much. I will update later.
marohh  on 12/9/2016

Checked this for the bh. It´s very light, relatively slow and has a good control. But although ist very tacky it lacks spin. Compared to my former rubber CTT National Hero there´s not spin at all. So I prefer the CTT and the Palio CJ 8000 Extreme Spin.

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