Yasaka Shining Dragon

Yasaka Shining Dragon Rubber
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User Ratings (21)

Speed 8.8
Spin 9.2
Control 9.0
Tackiness 7.1   
Weight 4.5   
Sponge Hardness 5.6   
Gears 8.7   
Many gears
Throw Angle 6.1   
Medium high
Consistency 9.4
Durability 8.0   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 21
Spin 23
Control 20
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 3 users using the Yasaka Shining Dragon.
SHINING DRAGON that is newly developed rubber by YASAKA is strongly sticky rubber. SHINING DRAGON is combined the strong sticky top sheet with a little bit hard sponge. This strong sticky top sheet creates the stable spin ball when the player hits the topspin ball and it makes easy to control the serve and short cut return. The sponge which has strong tension creates outstanding speed and carry. Besides SHINING DRAGON is light and easy to control as a sticky rubber.

Reviews (8)

Kamen  8 months ago

Durability is extremely long. After 120 hours of training the stickiness drops by half, next 90 hours he shot like a good European rubber.
Ph4ntom  on 11/26/2017

A chinese topsheet with a japanese sponge. Well...interseting! Fisrt of all, the quality is top notch ; simply "a normal thing" considering the price : nearly 50 EUR! This Shining Dragon will suit perfectly any player in research of extrem rotation with high control. Serves, pushes, topspins are really spinny! No catapult effect, unlike ESN tensors (and unlike Rising Dragon), so you need to engage a few if you want some power. This reminds of chinese rubbers, but with the help of the japanese sponge no need to engage too much^^ And no need to use booster! This rubber is a beast at topspinning, whatever the distance to the table. However, like chinese rubbers, the control in short game and defensive strokes is excellent : YSD has many gears. Chops are awesome : quite easy and heavy backspin. Conclusion : not an ESN tensor, but a sort of hybrid betwin chinese and japanese rubbers. Very secure, very spinny with a medium-high throw angle and many gears. Personnaly, I use 2mm YSD on my forehand, as a modern defender ; I use to chop both sides and to attack with my forhand when needed. It fits my game perfectly!
Rashed  on 5/12/2018

Just bought a sheet of max thickness, red color for my backhand. It's for my backup racket which is a nittaku barwell fleet with a hurricane 8 hard fh rubber. My main racket is a zetro quad with hurricane pro 3 turbo orange (black) on fh and rising dragon (red) on bh. World of difference between the shining dragon and the rising dragon. The Shining dragon is maybe slightly tackier but loses its tackiness very quickly in gameplay after which it barely imparts any spin. Much slower compared to its predecessor though its on a faster blade. I'd choose the Rising Dragon any day over this. My personal opinion though I must admit I've played barely 3 hours with it over two sessions.
superspin  on 11/9/2017

Yasaka has made a very interesting rubber , high elastic top sheet which have tacky surface but not hurricane tacky. Sponge is blue like dhs national sponge but yasaka shining Dragon sponge is lively like tensor but not super catapult. Rubber is suites both fh and bh. Comparable with xiom Vega pro or rakza 7 but with tacky top sheet. Amazing rubber much much better than Rakza x in every way also shining Dragon is a very durable including the sponge. No need for boosting its fast.
archfil25  on 7/10/2017

This rubber has very similar characteristics with its predecessor, the Rising Dragon, but with significant improvements on speed and control. Perfect for FH. I use the max thickness sponge/blue sponge, on a Yasaka Dynamix 17 and it is outrageously awesome. Great for counter-spinning and looping and it produces heavy and consistent spins on serves. Highly recommended for offensive players.

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