Butterfly Liu Shiwen

Butterfly Liu Shiwen Blade
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User Ratings (42)

Speed 9.1
Control 9.4
Stiffness 3.6   
Some flex
Hardness 4.2   
Medium soft
Consistency 9.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 82g
Plies 7
Materials ZL Fiber
Thickness 5.6mm
There are 14 users using the Butterfly Liu Shiwen.
Named after China' elite player, Liu Shiwen
Designed to suit the close to the table, quick-fire machine gun like attacking style of Liu Shiwen Contains ZL Fiber technology which provides excellent bounce and lightness. Innerfiber construction enhances playability by providing improved dwell time. Decorative mythical bird motif on front.

Reviews (22)

mtg6792  on 5/26/2014

The weight distribution is PERFECT and the handle is very comfortable. Feel: It feels somewhat wooden, but also has that usual ZLF vibration Dwell Time: Im using harder sponged rubbers with spring sponges, so it was harder to detect the amount of dwell time, but I did notice an unusual amount of control Looping: I had no trouble looping aggressively from any distance; however, slower loops close to the table were somewhat difficult. Counter: Amazing. I countered even the fastest hits with speed and precision. Mid-distance: Still very comfortable; however, there really isnt much need to back that far up with this blade. Block: Absolutely no complaints.
Pacman  on 1/11/2019

Great blade...switched from my Jonyer H after 20+ yrs with the new ball, and boy, my shots have that punch once again. great touch close to the table and then explosive power with the "klick" sound for fast mid distance looping. Smashes are powerful too. A great Allround Attacking blade for the modern game....its the Jonyer H of the modern game. Forget Carbon..this blade gives you great touch for the short game, generates great spin (similar to my Jonyer H), explosive power mid distance for looping, great blocking and suited for the modern allround attacking player. It is a quality blade...expensive but quality. I like the thin FL handle..very similar to my older Jonyer H. Slightly head heavy...but that is good as the pros always use head heavy bats. Butterfly engineers got this blade right (I guess it started with the innerforce ZLF technology). Lighter than most carbon blades. with exceptional control and spin, with explosive speed when needed.
exoplaneta  on 9/3/2013

excelent blade, this blade is very fast and great control with soft feel for player who like speed without the feeling to carbon
AndySmith  on 7/25/2012

Excellent blade. Very, very similar to the Innerforce ZLF but with a slightly larger handle (only available in FL, by the way), and some nice graphics. Like the Boll ZLF, this doesn't feel like a carbon blade, and retains a woody feel. Sweet spot seems large, and some flex is available for more distance play. The main thing is the feeling of stability and consistency. It's not mega-fast, but it's more than fast enough unless you are a bullet hitter / blocker. It never seems to do anything unpredictable. A solid, OFF- fast, looping blade with good woody feeling. Is it worth the money? Not a chance - BTY prices are crazy these days, and you might be able to get a similar all-wood blade to suit for half the price. But still very high quality, if money is no object.
SALMOND  on 6/17/2019

unique feeling

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