Butterfly Liu Shiwen

Butterfly Liu Shiwen Blade
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User Ratings (38)

Speed 9.2
Control 9.5
Stiffness 3.4   
Some flex
Hardness 4.0   
Medium soft
Consistency 9.1   
Always identical
Overall 9.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 82g
Plies 7
Materials ZL Fiber
Thickness 5.6mm
There are 13 users using the Butterfly Liu Shiwen.
Named after China' elite player, Liu Shiwen
Designed to suit the close to the table, quick-fire machine gun like attacking style of Liu Shiwen Contains ZL Fiber technology which provides excellent bounce and lightness. Innerfiber construction enhances playability by providing improved dwell time. Decorative mythical bird motif on front.

Reviews (23)

mtg6792  on 5/26/2014

The weight distribution is PERFECT and the handle is very comfortable. Feel: It feels somewhat wooden, but also has that usual ZLF vibration Dwell Time: Im using harder sponged rubbers with spring sponges, so it was harder to detect the amount of dwell time, but I did notice an unusual amount of control Looping: I had no trouble looping aggressively from any distance; however, slower loops close to the table were somewhat difficult. Counter: Amazing. I countered even the fastest hits with speed and precision. Mid-distance: Still very comfortable; however, there really isnt much need to back that far up with this blade. Block: Absolutely no complaints.
exoplaneta  on 9/3/2013

excelent blade, this blade is very fast and great control with soft feel for player who like speed without the feeling to carbon
Lightzy  1 months ago

The best blade every conceived and crafted. An innerforce style ZLF blade with very large blade head. Faster than the other innerforce series blades, somewhat soft and flexible, can generate absolutely absurd topspin compared to other blades I tried and without effort. Perfect for blocking also. Mine weighs 84g. The weight distribution of the blade is also out of this world. It feels weightless in the hand. Now that it has been discontinued I suggest that you get yourself the perfect blade before there are no more.
hops4080  4 months ago

10/10 no doubt! Just buy it and play! Won’t regret!
TiagoAppla  5 months ago


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