Donic Akkadi Taichi

Donic Akkadi Taichi Rubber
Approx. $ 20 USD
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User Ratings (14)

Speed 6.8
Spin 8.9
Control 8.4
Tackiness 4.9   
Medium tacky
Weight 4.8   
Sponge Hardness 6.5   
Medium hard
Gears 6.8   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 4.3   
Consistency 8.5
Durability 6.8   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 7.0 / 10
Spin 10 / 10
Control 8.0 / 10
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 3 users using the Donic Akkadi Taichi.

Reviews (8)

NTHHOO  on 10/1/2016

This rubber meant for you to hit harder where I suggest to put it on backhand and when you hit hard it can generate sufficient speed and spins to kill the opponent but looping from far of table may not be so ideal unless you counter attack by returning the ball with more strength. I tried to out in on forehand certainly not as good as other rubbers such as Harricane, Darker V, tenergy, etc. Control is identical where it does its job well but no surprises. Using it to counter attack on backhand was great I like the smashing sound as it shows that it has the power to kill but as I said it only does its job well from mid to near table only.
Richie  on 6/4/2014

For 27$ it is a very good rubber with many gears, and has excellent control. I use 1.8mm with an off++ 7Layer blade (DHS PG7) on Forehand. In this combo it is good for defending and more than enough to deliver the kill shot too. It has lost most of its tackiness in 40-50 hrs of play, but is still a bit tacky and can poduce a decent amount of spin. Great for blocking and short game.
Anonymous  on 12/11/2011

Im playing with the donic waldner black devil...perfect combi! pretty good for smashes tricky spins and sending the ball exactly at the table when ur opponent smashes and the ball goes 4-6 metres of the table!
Anonymous  on 7/6/2011

I had a 1.8 Black sheet that I used on my forehand until the pimples underneath broke and I got a bubble. I really liked the rubber but felt shortchanged by the damage which happened only 3 weeks after I bought it. It could be because I do have quite a heavy forehand, and I am using a WRB Allround Stiga Oversized blade. Anyway, I recently invested in two more sheets, this time 2 mm thick.
Jonan  on 11/22/2010

I'm surprised by this rubber in many ways. It's faster than you'd think a 1.5mm rubber would be, it's not springy at all, and has lower gears, but it does scale up when you crank up the arm speed. I have no problems doing short forehand chops with it or very low serves, chopping is ok, not great. Not sure what about it does it, but it does have some deception to it, the topsheet isn't really grippy at all, nor is it that tacky, however it manages somehow to generate decent spin. Blocks great, reminds me a bit or a harder sponged, poor man's Juic Aircondle in how the topsheet isn't really anything and how it is pretty insensitive to spin.

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