Donic Bluefire JP 01

Donic Bluefire JP 01 Rubber
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User Ratings (27)

Speed 8.8
Spin 9.0
Control 8.9
Tackiness 2.7   
Slightly tacky
Weight 6.0   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 6.5   
Medium hard
Gears 8.1   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.5   
Medium high
Consistency 8.7
Durability 7.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 102
Spin 105
Control 70
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 8 users using the Donic Bluefire JP 01.
- The Japanese have influenced an outstanding rubber development "Bluefire" which DONIC have successfully incorporated in the production of Formula DONIC (FD3 3rd Generation) Technology. The result: Bluefire JP01 and Bluefire JP03.
- This is a new type of pimpled rubber in combination with the proven, dynamic blue sponge but with a somewhat finer pored structure. This lends the rubber sensational feel, with maximum catapult and a very high arc of the ball. The very grippy, taut but elastic top surface rubber produces maximum spin when top-spinning and fantastic control due to increased contact on the bat.
- BLUEFIRE JP is a very consistent rubber and suitable for most players. The quickest and hardest sponge version, BLUEFIRE JP 01 is especially recommended for close to the table attacking players as well as those who prefer to play away from the table. BLUEFIRE JP 03 with a softer sponge has excellent playing qualities with optimum control. The perfect alternative for attackers as well as -power-allround- players, who value maximum control to return the ball under pressure in any situation. Playing characteristics: Extremely grippy, taut, though elastic top surface rubber. Produces maximum spin when top-spinning and stays on the blade longer.
- Recommended for close to the table attackers as well as for those who like to play away from the table.

Reviews (8)

owen991018  on 6/24/2016

It's a fantastic rubber for backhand use. The top sheet is extremely grippy and even after half a year of use the grip stays the same, BRAVO Donic! The sponge is medium hard but overall easy to be controlled. Looping away from the table is a breeze. Blocking is above average but nothing too crazy, skills are required but lobbing is really surprisingly good as the feeling is pleasant and easy to control. Would definitely recommend to attack BH players.
AllanCanada  on 6/19/2015

JP 01 is definitely a very good new generation rubber comparing to Xiom's Sigma, Omega & Bty. T05 series. It has a med. hard sponge as stated. I used JP 03 and is a little too soft, 02 is with big pores sponge. The only factor is durability but I just had it for a week so will report back later. Try it, you'll like it!
qvoliszz  on 9/16/2014

I have switched from Bluefire M3 and M2 to JP01 on my FH. I was not dissapointed. In my country the rubber costs around 33-40$, while Tenergy is 67-74$. I really loved T05 but was not really satisfied with the price and the springiness of the rubber. I wanted some rubber with same spin, a bit less springiness and a bit less speed. One thing that I instantly realized, that the surface of the rubber is slightly tacky, which actually grants you the ability to attack on every ball, just as you did on the tenergy. Throw angle is quite low because of the rubber seems to be a bit less responsive/bouncy, than T05. What this means is that you have to adjust the blocking angle of the racket, then you will realize, that directing the ball is easier when blocking. Brushing the ball when looping is a bit more better, the ball stays on a bit longer. For service recieve this rubber is better than the T05, because it tolerates some amount of errors. When I was playing with T05 I recognised, that spinless counterhits and chops are hard to do with T05. Chops come of the rubber in a lower arc and you can not "push" a chop passively, because it will go into the net. Counterhits are often inaccurate because of the springyness. With the bluefire series I find counterhits way more easier, and chops and chop pushes easier too. My opening loops and finishing loops are very spinny (just as T05) so most of the blocks actually fly off the table. I did found that M series is more suited to a smasher type and JP series is to a looper type gameplay. I use Waldner Senso Carbon (3+2, off-) blade, and I am fine 0,5 to 3 meters from the table.
DarkHail7834  2 months ago

Excellent rubber. Decided to try out a Donic rubber for the first time and they've thoroughly impressed me. Tried black, MAX, on FH of all-round wood blade, mine weighed 47g cut to a pen-hold blade with a slight gap for the index finger and thumb, so it will be slightly heavier for shake hand blades. Compared to RasanterR47, MAYBE slightly softer, but very similar speed to RasanterR47, with full arm loop kills (Ma Lin style) the ball flew off the bat with tremendous spin. Spin is up there with Rakza 7, I found it easy to serve with lots of spin. Nice and grippy, you can really close the bat angle and accelerate through, and the ball will still land on the table. I'm not sure how this rubber has a spin rating of 9 whereas Rakza 7 is a 9.3 . All round blade made it easy to control on the slower shots (pushes, drives, etc), not sure about harder/faster blades. Very impressed, would recommend.
tomek841  on 11/23/2014

very good rubber, great balance between speed and control, I can play aggressive topspins as well as passive block close to the table

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