Donic Acuda Blue P2

Donic Acuda Blue P2 Rubber
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Speed 9.1
Spin 9.4
Control 9.1
Tackiness 2.6   
Slightly tacky
Weight 3.9   
Sponge Hardness 4.3   
Gears 8.3   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 4.6   
Consistency 9.0
Durability 7.1   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10
Spin 10
Control 7.0
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 27 users using the Donic Acuda Blue P2.

A pleasure to play with

P1 (50° medium hard), P2 (45° medium soft), P3 (40°super soft)

A pleasure to play with, a rubber to be at ease with.
The latest in sponge technology. This blue sponge with medium sized pores is softer than previous sponges, despite having a higher degree of hardness.
A new pimple geometry: Thin long pimples with extra space between individual pimples.
The latest generation in top surface rubber: grippy, as with Bluefire M1 Turbo and JP 01 Turbo but with slightly flatter ball arc
Ball return is excellent: Maximum control, a satisfying sound and so easy to play with.
Fine touch – suitable for every playing standard (depending on sponge thickness and degree of hardness).

The ACUDA BLUE series, DONIC’s latest rubber development, is a joy to play with, a rubber to be absolutely at ease with. Developed with the latest technology, the medium pored blue sponge feels somewhat softer than previous sponges despite having a higher degree.

The top surface has a brand-new pimple geometry – longer, thinner pimples with extra space between individual pimples enhance the control of this rubber. As a result it is easier to play with and one has greater feel without any loss of high speed or spin.

ACUDA BLUE P2 - medium soft, all-round attacking version, the gold standard version of an all-round rubber

New pimple geometry
Excellent ball return
Medium soft, all-round attacking version, the gold standard version of an all-round rubber
For offensive and power all-round players

Sponge thickness: 1.8 / 2.0 / max
Sponge hardness: medium -
Top surface: spin-elastic
Control 7+, speed 10-, spin 10+++
Category: AR+ / OFF- / OFF

Reviews (26)

qvoliszz  on 7/20/2016

Bluefire JP was good and Acuda was good also, but this product merges them and makes a better combo. To be honest the JP series was not as successful as M series, their topsheet wore off quickly, so this is a reboot for JP series in my opinion. The sponge is the same as the JP series, the topsheet is very similar to the Acuda series. I tried it both sides and loved it. I play with M2 and the throw was sufficient, the speed was better, the spin is awesome. The rubber is not very sensitive for incoming spin like Tenergy, bounces a bit less, and the speed is the same. Control and drops are flatter, but do not go into the net. Overall, if you want to upgrade from Bluefire JP buy this, if you want to be more aggressive, than Bluefire M, buy this. If you want a bit more spin, speed and control than Acuda, buy this. UPDATE So I finally came to the conclusion, that this rubber has some faults. First of all the surface becomes worn before 20 hours of play. Does not have enough power on an OFF blade to effectively counterloop from mid distance, (boosted or unboosted). Spin sensitivity was disturbing when I counterlooped, could not adaptate to it. Most of my shots were too long or too short. This consistency problem was not experienced, when I turned my blade to use M2 on my FH. So I returned to my old and slow MX-P. This rubber is good for backhand, for forhand try the harder P1. UPDATE: The main problem was the catapult effect of the rubber, which is not linear, and bottoms out very quickly. To be effective with this setup, please use a pure wood plade with ALL-OFF tempo and play an aggressive looping game, with setting up the point, because you can't hit winner mega power shots with this rubber.
Eguarner  on 1/15/2017

This rubber is absolute magic. Great active and passive blocks, close and middle distance topspin and looping is absolutely fantastic. Godly spin on FH loops. Using the red at 2.0 with yasaka sweden extra (al wood 5 ply all+) and absolutely reccommend this rubber over other tensors or built in speed glue effect rubbers. Chops are achievable with good technique but to me it is more suited to a spin based offensive allround technique. Glue it to a fast stiff blade like BTY TB ALC and it will absolutely smash, maxing out and giving you great feel and beautiful sound. Great quality, beautiful blue porous sponge, after 70+ hours of play it is still grippy as new. P2 Will certainly let you play the top of your game if you play allround to allround offensive at any thickness depending on your average distance to the table and your ability to produce counter-topspins (thickness below 2mm will not let you counter from a distance as it does not allow enough dwell).
topAttack  on 2/18/2016

I took it yesterday for a first try on my backhand. Incredible control. Very good, soft-ish topsheet that allow very good, very spinny serves(i serve on my backhand). Blocks are good, you get good feedback from your blade on active blocks. Pushes and touch shots are incredible, very controlled and with the grippy topsheet you can even chop effectively at low speeds. Even the sponge feels soft at low speed allowing you to do the extra spinny backhand-topspin-flip serve return that can throw your oponent off. As you start hitting harder, the sponge starts working and it feels a bit harder and with extra catapult alowing you to get to the extra speed you need. At higher speeds even topspin go deeper and bites harder. The big advantage is that you can easilly acces that higher speed even with your backhand, but it's that well balanced that it won't bother you on pushes. To me this rubber it's something between the Acuda S2 and the Xiom Vega Europe, but with an extra higher gear that none of them have. Throw is lower than Acuda S2 but a bit higher than the soft Vega Europe. Great rubber from Donic, and a good replacement for the Acuda S2.
E_Tritonus  on 7/2/2015

I have now used this new donic rubber few hours (on forehand). blade: andro temper tech all+, rubber thickness 2.0. First impressions: Quite nice. I can produce very high amount of spin (around same amount as Adidas P7 and Rakza 7, rakza7soft). Throw is quite flat and in the very beginning it was a bit difficult to get the ball curve above the net. But after a little adjustment of angle, I found that it's very easy to block and play underspin touch play with this rubber. Topspins are fantastic and control is high. This rubber is light and medium soft which I like. It's not mushy and have a nice grip feel. Also the bounce from the table is low. These were my first impressions and I can say I like this rubber very much. I'll post more when played more with it.
OlleOst  2 months ago

The perfect rubber for spin.

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