Tibhar Evolution EL-S

Tibhar Evolution EL-S Rubber
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User Ratings (42)

Speed 8.9
Spin 9.3
Control 9.2
Tackiness 1.9   
Slightly tacky
Weight 6.2   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 6.3   
Medium hard
Gears 9.1   
Many gears
Throw Angle 5.7   
Medium high
Consistency 9.1
Durability 7.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 123
Spin 122
Control 85
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 17 users using the Tibhar Evolution EL-S.
Product description: Evolution EL-S

EL-S: high grip PRO upper rubber, elastic medium-hard sponge, extremely high speed and maximum spin.
The EL-S combines the enormous spin values of the MX-S with a completely new rubber surface and the power of the MX-P.
TIBHAR created a stand-alone rubber in the evolution series, with a medium-hard sponge and a specially tuned pimple geometry, setting new standards in terms of elasticity.
The EL-S gives sensational touch despite enormous dynamism and high spin values. Excelling at topspin, the EL-S offers high rotation and power in all game situations.

Reviews (17)

MydasDiablo  on 8/1/2016

EL-S is a fantastic rubber with grip comparable to Tenergy 05. This extra grip does also come with extra sensitivity to spin. Whilst it is the best alternative for T05 in terms of speed, spin and throw angle, I found it to be a rubber with no personality, ESN sponges under 47 degrees just feel bland and overly soft to me. Whilst EL-S may gain many fans as the highest spin and arc producing ESN rubber, I find it quite boring to play with. MX-P on the other hand never fails to put a smile on my face. I have written this review to warn MX-P and T05 users not to get EL-S if they have an addiction to that satisfying 'CRACK' and explosive power that comes from the MX-P's boosted 47 degree sponge and T05's infamous spring sponge. If you are looking for high spin, high arc and want a rubber that forgives more than T05 and MX-P then EL-S is your rubber, I myself am going straight back to MX-P as it is easier to control than T05 and still puts a big smile on my face when I engage the ball hard and get that crack reminiscent of the speed glue era. I can't see that any professionals using either T05 or MX-P would switch to EL-S. It is probably the best all round rubber I have ever played with, but it is just missing something that I can't enjoy the game without - : ) My personal opinion is that EL-S is not a T05 or MX-P replacement per-se, I think the players that stuck with Barracuda, despite all the new rubber releases, should give EL-S a try and I am certain they will love it.
tabletennis11  on 1/7/2017

Tibhar’s Evolution EL-S feels slightly harder to the touch than the MX-P despite having a slightly softer sponge (~45 vs.~47 degrees), which suggests that a harder and denser topsheet is used in the S-series. In fact, it is similar in firmness to Xiom’s Omega V Tour and Gewo’s NanoFLEX FT48. Consistent with these impressions, the EL-S weighs 50 grams when cut to my 157 x 150 mm test blade, which is one gram more than the MX-P sheet and within one gram of the mentioned reference rubbers. Hitting the first couple of FH drives, it is immediately clear that the EL-S is a little bit slower than the MX-S and, in particular, the MX-P. Read our full review on this link: http://blog.tabletennis11.com/tibhar-evolution-series-table-tennis-rubbers-review
tomjoad  on 6/10/2018

Interestingly, my red EL-S rubber (1,9/2,0mm) looks flat/ dull/ almost frosted, a little bit like Palio Hidden Dragon biotech or like the Palio Premium rubbers (CJ8000 extreme spin). Mine is not sticky at all, it is very grippy. Although it is supposed to be a medium hard rubber, it feels more rather medium-soft, more towards the FX-P I once tried on my forehand, and less like the usual EL-P I normally play. More forehand loops hit the table now than with my EL-P and fewer shots go too far right or left, longline topspins are easier to do now. However, I felt more power with my EL-P and the tospins were more brutal with it. The EL-S also feels a little bit like the Vega Japan I have on my other blade, or maybe like a softer version of Adidas P7. I will stick with the EL-S however, because placement and spin are really good with it and looping serves and underspin is really a little better with the EL-S than with the EL-P. Great rubber for me. My blades are all Yinhe/ Galaxy T-6s and they are all lighter than 80g, (76g, 77g, 79g). So it pairs well with carbon blades.
jp418  on 7/23/2016

blade : waldner senso carbon Jo shape ; FH => Tibhar EL-S 2.0 red ; BH => Tibhar MX-S 1.9 black Played with P-ball. It's a good rubber with P-ball, for off- player who not play to far from the table. Very pleasant feeling, it gives the sensation to be capable to perform all table tennis shots and trickshots. The sponge hardness is medium hard but not more, it feels less hard than mx-s or mx-p for example. Definitly not off+ rubber, slower than mx-p or rasant powergrip and a little slower than fastarc p1. The rubber's description tells EL-S is a mix of MX-S topsheet and MX-P dynamism, it isn't entirely true. It's more a mx-s with more catapult effect than a grippy mx-p. If you expect the same dynamism than mx-p you will be disapointed. If you search a rubber a little more punchy for top spin than MX-S, it will be perfect ! Throw angle is medium so it can be surprizing for players who like high throw angle rubbers with high arc top spin. Speed : MX-P >> MX-S = EL-S Spin : MX-S >or= EL-S > MX-P Control : EL-S > MX-S >> MX-P Catapult effect : MX-P >> EL-S > MX-S Hardness : MX-S > MX-P > EL-S Weight : EL-S >or= MX-S > MX-P Throw angle : MX-P = MX-S > EL-S
virtuososiu  1 months ago

I like it a lot. But then I also liked MXP, and MXS a lot. Is it the perfect rubber? No it is not. It does not have the long and fast trajectory like MXP, and not the same strong spin like MXS. However it works well in which every ball will land on the table with safety. Again, it lacks the killing speed of MXP, and strong spin of MXS. But when you use it well, quality of shots are still very decent. A solid above average rubber.

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