When asking for an equipment suggestion…

Sunday, September 30th, 2012


In our forum, we get a lot of people asking for a recommendation on what rubbers or blade to pick. However the answer I always give is a series of questions. In order to give a helpful recommendation, we need to know more about you, your skill level, your playing style, and other specific needs.

Next time you ask for a suggestion, try answering these questions to give some context to your situation:

  1. What is your skill level?
    Do you have a USATT rating? Knowing your skill level is very important. There are a lot of rubbers that you shouldn’t use if you’re not formally trained or aren’t ready for.

  2. What style do you play?
    If you’re inquiring about a forehand rubber, what strokes do you play with your forehand? Are you a looper or a hitter? A defensive player? What specific strokes are you trying to improve?

  3. What are your goals for this new equipment?
    Are you trying to make your loops spinnier? Are you aiming for more consistency all around?

  4. What are you currently using, and what don’t you like about it?
    Using your current setup for comparison is very helpful in knowing specifically what you don’t like about your current rubbers or blade.

By answering these questions, you can give a lot of insight into what equipment you need. Give it a try!

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18 Responses to “When asking for an equipment suggestion…”

  1. Vincent Lim says:

    Can someone suggest me a good racket for a modern defensive player i would like a racket that i can easily control with and has lot of spin , i am losing some important games, i would realy like some suggestions

  2. chintan says:

    Which rubber should i buy for both BH and FH? I have a new Donic Epox Top Speed blade.
    I am playing with mark v and sriver since 3-4 years. I have a good FH with nice looping and good looping and chopping with BH. However, counterhitting with backhand is bit of a problem. Please suggest.

    • Arthur Lui says:

      Mark V and Sriver are classic well-rounded rubbers, suitable for many styles. So I don’t think that changing rubbers will fix the problem with your counterhit. I think getting a coach to fix the technique, or learning from other players will help you.

  3. shubhro says:

    i have recently bought 2 rubbers,andro rasant for fh and joola express one for bh..which blade would make a gud combination with these rubbers????is ANDRO KINETIC CF LIGHT OFF+ a gud choice??

    i m a close to the table(occasionally mid distance) offensive player.PLEASE SUGGEST!!!

  4. shubhro says:

    i recently bought andro rasant for my fh and joola express one for my bh.which blade must i select for creating a perfect combination…would ANDRO KINETIC CF LIGHT OFF+ be a gud choice???

    presently i am using CHELONZ HYBRIDZ on my fh and YASAKA MARK 5 on my bh on JOOLA CARBON blade…i am a close to the table{occasionally mid distance}offensive player..i need a perfect combination of spin and speed…PLEASE SUGGEST!!

    • Utchiha Itachi says:

      I say for you choice about the blade( ANDRO KINETIC CF LIGHT OFF+) : it is good blade but has poor control and the stiffness and hardness is not suitable for playing that close to the table.
      My suggest is Butterfly Timoboll ZLF is incredible blade , I used this blade for many years
      You will feel it’s a mass of control .but it is not appropriate to play away from the table like Japanese player Jun Mizutani because this type of playing need speed more than control like ZLC blades.
      Buy it and you will enjoy for winning.

  5. David Chow says:

    I have been usingv Andro Kinetic and the Andro Super Core Racket for about 5 to 6 years now, I use Chinese Rubber for my forehand offensive and defensive smash shots, I am 45& FH and 55% BH, for my FH I use DHS Hurricane 3 2.2 mm and a Andro Revolution COR 2.5mm.

    I’ve had no problems with it. Although I am exploring for more rubbers that are similar to Andro because of the speed and spin. Could you recommend me any other brands. I have used Butterfly Bryce FX, Joola Energy EX, Yasaka Mark V, and the 729 Friendship, and Sriver.

    I prefer a a very fast racket similar to the Nittaku Violin racket, and a rubber with < 110 speed, < 140 spinj < 96 for control.

  6. Yeah, you’re totally right. Every gum, blat are good for various people. It’s common for people, especislly new table tennis players, to ask for the best, the fastest racket and then find themselfs with no skills but a fast racket.

  7. ZRIM says:

    I’am searching the wood kreanga powerspin.
    I want to know if you sell this wood, because i can’t find it anymore.

    Thank you for hour response…

  8. Dan says:

    Hi, I am a player with several years of experience, my style is somewhere between aggresive allrounder and offensive. I am 60% FH and 40% BH as i try to step around when i can. Usually play fast topspins, loops drive on FH and chop, flat hits on BH as my BH topspin stroke is still undeveloped, I try to play close to the table and mid distance however i tend to step back as i like to have a while to position myself 🙂 After 2 years gap in my TT practice I struggle to get better with my footwork what causes reaching a ball quite often.

    I tried some blades and rubbers and ended up with Donic Waldner Carbon Senso as read a lot about this blade’s control however i used to play with wooden blades and when started playing with this blade i struggled because the feeling is completely different, a ball comes off the blade quickly. Now im getting use to it but still thinking about getting a wood blade. I paired it with Sonex JP Gold 2.0 (BH) and Acuda S2 2.0 (FH). I like sonex on my BH as i was looking for the rubber that suits my beckhand flat hitting however it seems a bit too fast when i try to topspin with it, im not sure whether i should swap to slower rubber or get same with 1.8 sponge. Acuda tho, seems a bit dead and slow on this blade, i put a lot of my strokes to the net and its strange as i used have very consistent, fast topspin, powerful where need it.

    If you have any suggestions i would be more than happy to hear from you Arthur.

    • Arthur Lui says:

      Hi Dan,

      I wouldn’t recommend going to thinner sponges, it really reduces your ability to loop effectively. I’ve been using 2.2mm for as long as I can remember. 1.8mm sponge will make it very hard to generate a lot of spin.

      You might benefit from a more flexy blade (stiffness low). The stiffer the blade, the less of an arc your loops will have.

      How’s the speed? If the speed is already good, or too fast, maybe a slower blade would be good, then use thicker 2.2mm sponge.

  9. Dan says:

    I thought to go for thinner sponge on beckhand as i dont loop with my beckhand and 2.0 seems to be too fast for my topspins and bole goes off the table very often with my topspin, its good for flat hits tho.

    When it comes to the blade, my question is rather would it be a big difference between wood and carbon blades of same specificactions.

  10. nikolic72 says:

    Can someone tell me what the racket Butterfly Timo Boll gold for recreational play?

  11. don says:

    Hi all,

    I have a question about master robot t 288 version 5. I try to increase the speed by increase too and bottom wheels, but it just come out about 1 feet from the head. I got this used robot from friend. Anyone know how to set the control box for speed. Or do I have to replace any part in the head? All your help is appreciated.
    Please send through my email if you could, or text me at 832 668 9270.

    Thanks very much you all.

  12. Sören Hanschmann says:

    Hello friends,
    i play table tennis schon so long. but i have not good any equipment. For christmas i become a good woodhitter. but i is more an egressiv player, because my schmetterball are total strong can’t handle. To years before i play tabletennis wis my friends roundrun. I hit the ball so strong, the ball explosion.
    My question is, who i can buy balls which not explodieren? Thank yu for help 🙂

    With friendly greets
    Sören Hanschmann

  13. Ciprian says:

    I am an intermediate player i would say(played only with pre-assembled bats), and now i want to upgrade my game by making a custom setup. I am pretty offensive and i tend to dominate, but i also like control. I use mostly forehand (65-70% of the time) trying to constantly improve my BH. After a long time of documentation i decided to go for a Nittaku Septear blade as it has a good speed/control ratio and a good feeling, being considered an all+off- blade. So I wanted to set the blade with Nittaku Hammond Pro-beta, but now i read that the Septear doesn’t pair well with soft rubbers. Other options included the Joola Maxxx 500 rubber.
    I would be very grateful to have your professional opinion about what rubbers should i pair this blade with

    Thank you very much!

  14. ganesa murthy says:

    Currently my set up is dhs skyline tg2 1.8mm on fh, dhs g777 2.2mm on bh. Blade donic appelgren allplay. I like to open on the 1st ball or 3rd ball and do heavy loop using my fh. I like to push, chop and drive using my bh.now I want to upgrade my knife. Can any pros suggest me suitable setup? I have a problem of controlling the incoming heavy topspin on fh.so thought would be better to shift to soft rubbers.

    Thinking of blade stiga hybridwood nct or bty timobollspirit.
    Bh: xiom sigma I europe,
    Fh-totally confused.

    Please help and suggest if any other setup can improve my game.

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