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Smash Table Tennis

Monday, April 19th, 2021
We’re please to announce that we’re launching an online shop called Smash Table Tennis. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, it will serve customers in Canada and the United States.

The New Revspin Logo

Monday, September 14th, 2020

Revspin Logo Feature

Revspin has a new logo! We’ve spent the last six weeks working with designers to re-design our logo, which first originated in 2016.

Revspin Logo Collage

In this particular concept, we loved that:

  • it placed a heavy focus on “REV”, representing reviews
  • the comment bubble reinforces that focus
  • the little racket in the “R” ties it back to table tennis
  • the overall logo is simple, which is a mark of beauty
  • the colour palette works well on both dark and light backgrounds, and even as a single-tone design

It was difficult choosing it among our other concepts:

Let us know what you think!

Trying out the TT-Flex

Friday, January 6th, 2017

At the US Open this year, I bumped into Samson Dubina and he gave me a prototype of his new TT-Flex training system to try out. Here are my impressions.

The Racket

The racket feels rather heavy, since it’s stainless steel, 3mm thick. It’s got a nice wooden handle but it’s a bit top-heavy since the wood in the handle isn’t as dense as the steel throughout the head. The head of my blade has some markings, but that’s because it’s a prototype.


I tried doing my backhand loop swings at full speed (without a band attached), and I could definitely feel it in my wrist. It can definitely give your muscles a workout. You probably don’t want to start out swinging at full power. I’d recommend easing into it over a few sessions to let your muscles adjust.

When I tried attaching the band, I found that it felt best to do slower swings in one direction so the resistance is uniform. So I did have to adjust my stroke a bit, but as far as developing strength in the muscles used, it should do the job even when an adjusted stroke.

Hook Positions

I actually had trouble finding places to hook the bands. The instructions say that the object you’re hooking to should be able to support 100 lbs of pressure. In my apartment, I don’t have many places to hook it. For the three positions to attach to (floor, table, and ceiling), I only had the floor height covered, on one of the legs of my heavy TV table. In Samson’s YouTube video, he gets the “table” height on his playing table, but I’m not sure what he hooks for the ceiling height. The ceiling may not be as necessary anyways, as I think it’s only used for downward chopping, which most players don’t do.


I can see this being useful for strength building, especially in the wrists which get neglected since normal gym routines ignore them. Ease into your use of the racket and the bands so you don’t strain any muscles which aren’t used to handling a heavier racket or the resistance of the bands. Good luck!

Sir Ping Pong T-shirt!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

A talented designer, Brad Woodard, e-mailed me today. He’s got a great t-shirt design on Cotton Bureau and in order to get produced, it needs 12 orders. I’ve got mine in. Let’s make this happen!

Sir Ping Pong

Sir Ping Pong T-shirt

Designer Paddles from Uberpong

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

I decided to check out some swanky designer paddles from Uberpong, a custom blade company based out of Austin, Texas. They’ve got some really solid designers behind these creations.

I got the Ice Cream Nation and Kawaii paddles. These are going to look great in my condo. My thoughts are beneath the photos. Click for hi-res.


The designs are beautiful; I had a hard time picking out two. They’ve got an array of designers from around the world. The colours on the paddle are a little less vibrant than the images on the website, but they look solid with crisp lines. They print surprisingly well on pips. The blade is a nice light wood, with a smooth finish.


The paddles are short pips with very light grip. If you’re a competitive player, it takes some adjusting. Speed-wise it’s also on the slower end. So if you want to play with them, they could be suitable for recreational play, though you’ll have to put a little more wind-up into your swing to get some juice out of them on your smashes. They’re probably ideal for rec players.

Custom Designs

The paddles I got were from their designer line, but they also do custom ones. It’s pretty cool that they can take it directly from your Facebook or Instagram accounts, or you can just upload them directly. These would be fun pieces to take along with you to any of the SPiN Galactic bars!

Check them out at!

“Overall” rating. Useless?

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

I’ve always struggled with the “overall” rating that is put on a product. Restaurant review sites use a star system for the overall experience, Amazon has a similar system for books, and we have the overall rating out of 10. How relevant and useful is this rating though? Read more

When asking for an equipment suggestion…

Sunday, September 30th, 2012


In our forum, we get a lot of people asking for a recommendation on what rubbers or blade to pick. However the answer I always give is a series of questions. In order to give a helpful recommendation, we need to know more about you, your skill level, your playing style, and other specific needs. Read more

Handicap Events

Saturday, May 28th, 2011


Throughout the last fifteen years of tournament participation, I have noticed that handicap events have been some of the most exciting for all participants. So what is a handicap event? Read more

World Championship of Ping Pong in Las Vegas

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

World Championship of Ping Pong

To anyone who will be in the Las Vegas area, the World Championship of Ping Pong will be taking place at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas in February 7-8.

Tickets are Free. Get yours by calling the Pearl Box Office: (702) 942-7777.

Some of the top players competing will be:

  1. Stefan Feth (Germany)
  2. William Henzell (Australia)
  3. Paul Drinkhall (United Kingdom)
  4. Li Yang (China)
  5. Trevor Runyan (United States)

Adam Bobrow and Sean O’Neill will be appearing as special guests.

Deluxe Package

Or if you want to stay at the Palms for the full experience, there’s a special package (starting at $79) you can get that includes:

  • a deluxe room
  • tickets to the championship
  • free drinks

To reserve a room, visit

An Introduction…

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Ian Worz

Hello All,

Some of you may know me from the MyTT forum, or perhaps from my blades, or perhaps not at all, and that’s just fine. I’m Ian Worz of Wörz Beat Sticks and I’ll be contributing to the blog. I hand-make custom blades in North Florida. Things started small with balsa blades for my club mates but they just kept progressing. Balsa blades are still my biggest sellers, but my range of materials and techniques have far outgrown that first batch.  It’s been a lot of fun so far and I hope I can afford to keep offering such a service.

I’m also looking forward  writing a bit more about table tennis and sharing some technical knowledge in regard to blades. Good hitting to all!

Learn more about me and my website on my profile.