Designer Paddles from Uberpong

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

I decided to check out some swanky designer paddles from Uberpong, a custom blade company based out of Austin, Texas. They’ve got some really solid designers behind these creations.

I got the Ice Cream Nation and Kawaii paddles. These are going to look great in my condo. My thoughts are beneath the photos. Click for hi-res.


The designs are beautiful; I had a hard time picking out two. They’ve got an array of designers from around the world. The colours on the paddle are a little less vibrant than the images on the website, but they look solid with crisp lines. They print surprisingly well on pips. The blade is a nice light wood, with a smooth finish.


The paddles are short pips with very light grip. If you’re a competitive player, it takes some adjusting. Speed-wise it’s also on the slower end. So if you want to play with them, they could be suitable for recreational play, though you’ll have to put a little more wind-up into your swing to get some juice out of them on your smashes. They’re probably ideal for rec players.

Custom Designs

The paddles I got were from their designer line, but they also do custom ones. It’s pretty cool that they can take it directly from your Facebook or Instagram accounts, or you can just upload them directly. These would be fun pieces to take along with you to any of the SPiN Galactic bars!

Check them out at!

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