Custom-printed Sandpaper Paddles from PaddleYou

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

I recently picked up two custom paddles from PaddleYou, based in New York. It’s a pretty interesting concept, print your own designs on a sandpaper paddle! I’m not personally a sandpaper player, so these are artwork to me. I picked some interesting photos, have a look! These will make nice decorations for my apartment, and maybe I’ll give them a spin some time. Click for hi-res.

The prints came out pretty well, given that it’s sandpaper. It won’t be quite as vibrant as the photo, but that’s the limitations of the medium. The handle is pretty comfy as well, pre-sanded for right-handers. I do like the black handles, pretty chic!

You can check them out yourself at!

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3 Responses to “Custom-printed Sandpaper Paddles from PaddleYou”

  1. Steven Wright says:

    They look really poor quality. The print is low resolution and logo is very amateurish. More like “PaddleFail”.

  2. Arnab Malik says:

    Agree with Steve. It looks as if it has been printed on with a regular paper printer. Face is too big

  3. Prospin says:

    Are this paddles for decoration only? If so you can just make your own, no need to order from them.

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